Gotham Knights skins are customizable – yes, even the bikes

The recent gameplay reveal confirmed there are numerous different Gotham Knights skins and outfits to unlock in the eagerly-anticipated Batman-less superhero game, but it didn’t show how many will be available. Now, Gotham Knights developers confirm not only how many costumes will be available to each hero, but that they have customization options too – even the Bat-bikes.

While the Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay showcase in May showed how players will be able to equip different character skins during the co-op game‘s campaign, as well as some of the options available, it didn’t really go deep into the workbench itself and what players can do with those outfits – other than wear them, of course – nor how many there are.

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In a new interview with Game Informer, executive producer Fleur Marty confirms that “each of our knights has 11 different suit styles” – making for a total of 44 general skins in Gotham Knights, although they can be customized. “Within a style, you can have customization with different pieces and different colorways,” adds Marty.