Grand Theft Auto 6 Needs to Use PS5 and Xbox Series X Hardware Better than GTA 5: Expanded and Enhanced Does

Few different video games characterize the astronomical leap ahead that was displayed in Grand Theft Auto 3. Transitioning from a top-down 2D game into a totally 3D open-world metropolis, GTA 3 introduced avid gamers with a glimpse of what the way forward for 3D gaming may seem like in 2001. While it has remained a heavyweight within the business, and a mainstay when it comes to game gross sales and common reputation, Grand Theft Auto has regularly tried to seize the identical ‘wow issue’ since introducing avid gamers to Liberty City in its third installment. Subsequent entries within the sequence like Grand Theft Auto 5: Expanded and Enhanced have remained spectacular total, nonetheless, and Grand Theft Auto 6(*6*) wants to proceed that custom.