Group Releases “Best Ever” Photo of UFO

Some 50 years ago, aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza was flying above Costa Rica snapping photographs with a map-making camera. In the batch of snapshots captured by the pilot is a picture some think can be one of the best photographs to capture a UFO — or as officials call them in the year 2022, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Released over the weekend by UAP Media, the photograph shows a disk flying above Lake Cote.

The UAP-tracking website was able to acquire a “drum scan” copy of the photograph from Costa Rica citizen Esteban Carranza, who just so happens to have a negative of the photo in question. As the site points out, the photograph has been examined by a number of experts throughout the years, who think the photograph — or the UFO spotted in the photograph — is not a double exposure or something that was deliberately tampered with.

I wonder if @elonmusk has seen the Lake Cote UFO picture? You want a clear picture? You got it ?
Btw, official picture by the Geographic Department of Costa Rica, original negative resides in the National Archive. Some consider it the Best UFO picture ever.

Hint: Cometa Report pic.twitter.com/1wqjwKTLLB

— UAP Costa Rica (@UAP_CR) April 2, 2021

“It’s a really intriguing photograph, and one which totally captures the imagination. I’m always impressed as to how ‘right’ it looks,” author Graeme Rendall pens in a release from UAP Media. “As to its veracity, though, I can’t say, but I’d love it to be true. It definitely looks a lot more convincing than a lot of other images I’ve seen over the years. I’d have to leave it to the photo analysis experts to pronounce sentence on it though.”

Renowned UFO documentarian Jeremy Corbell added, “Historic images like this one from Costa Rica still have stories to tell, and new insights are sometimes just around the corner. If we can socially democratize and crowdsource our search for answers – we will arrive closer to the truth than if we simply wait for further confirmation from our governments. I’m elated higher fidelity imagery continues to emerge, especially when it allows us to get a glimpse into our UFO past. Makes one wonder what other UFO evidence is lurking in boxes or files that have remained elusive until now. I’m confident that more and more people will be coming forward with valuable insight and evidence in the near future.”


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According to the site, Carranza sent his negative to a Kansan photo laboratory for analysis and printing. It’s this new photograph that’s making the rounds online, which some experts think is the best evidence yet to potential extraterrestrial visitors.