Origin of Superboy (Conner Kent)

Today on Variant, Arris breaks down the Origin of fan favourite Young Justice character, Superboy!


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Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

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In this season of RICK AND MORTY, Rick provided to clone Beth in order that she might reside her fullest life whereas having a Beth Clone stay behind for her youngsters. But the episode ended ambiguously, leaving us to ask if she took Rick up on this provide. So did she clone herself and ditch her household to discover the cosmos? Well, Loyal Theorists, there’s truly a definitive reply to this query hidden throughout the episode, and I’ve discovered it!

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Ultimate Spider-Man “Clone Saga” PT2 – Complete story | Comicstorian

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As Peter Parker tries to kind out his relationship with the X-Men’s Kitty Pryde – and proceed his friendship with Mary Jane – a mall-food-court lunch turns right into a free-for-all as Peter and MJ are interrupted by the debut of… the Ultimate Scorpion! But who’s the Scorpion – and what sinister conspiracy is threatening Spider-Man’s very existence? The clues have been laid over the previous 96 points… and all of it begins to come back collectively right here, as we start probably the most surprising, most mind-blowing Spider-Man story ever printed! Collects Ultimate Spider-Man #97-104.

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BRIKS – Arkanoid Meets Anime Tits Meets PS4’s Steamification

Another sub-Steam tier sport on PS4, this time it is one which recycles PS4 Dynamic Themes to trick attractive youngsters into enjoying a crap brick breaker.

POOSHOOTER: TOILET INVADERS – Space Invaders With Shit Yadda Yadda

Another game that might be mildly amusing as a photoshopped idea (though probably not), and stretches an already thin joke to breaking point by being an actual game.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Review – Button Smash

In this episode of Button Smash Fabian critiques Star Wars Republic Commando! Join Boss, Scorch, Fixer, and Sev, the lads of the elite Delta Squad, as they tackle essentially the most harmful missions throughout the Clone Wars. Subscribe, like, and revel in!

The model proven on this video is the PC model.

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Star Wars “Shattered Empire” – Complete Story | Comicstorian

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Star Wars “Shattered Empire” – Complete Story | Comicstorian


EVERYTHING WRONG with StarWars Battlefront Rant

Video encoding error 18:25 minutes in will add 2nd half later at the moment.

It’s not a battlefield sport and it isn’t a battlefront sport. It’s a phenomenal catastrophe! Had Dice and EA simply reskined battlefield three or four it could have been a greater sport. If they copied Battlefront 2 and up to date the graphics it could have been a terrific sport.