Game Theory: Mewtwo’s Secret Human Clone! (Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee)

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The origins of MewTwo are EXTREMELY tragic. We all keep in mind that first Pokemon film, proper? Pokemon vs Clone Pokemon. Fewer followers have seen the TRUE origin story of MewTwo… and his clone ‘siblings’. The ones that did not make it, embody a younger human lady named Amber. Except is that STILL true or has Pokemon proven us that Amber should be ALIVE? After exploring Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, I feel I’ve the reply!

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Film Theory: Did Rick CLONE Beth – SOLVED! (Rick and Morty)

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In this season of RICK AND MORTY, Rick provided to clone Beth in order that she might reside her fullest life whereas having a Beth Clone stay behind for her youngsters. But the episode ended ambiguously, leaving us to ask if she took Rick up on this provide. So did she clone herself and ditch her household to discover the cosmos? Well, Loyal Theorists, there’s truly a definitive reply to this query hidden throughout the episode, and I’ve discovered it!

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Exploring Star Wars: Boba Fett

Jango in fact deserves his personal video.
Star Wars: Everything You Need to Know:
Notice: This sequence combines each present canon supplies in addition to sure materials that’s thought of non-canon. This is completed with a purpose to take advantage of fascinating movies potential, not essentially probably the most correct.

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Game Theory: My Fan Game is a CRIME?!

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We stay in an age of gaming the place followers of a franchise can simply spin off their very own video games and put up them for others to play. And it is AWESOME! Some of the very best video games I’ve performed within the final 12 months have been made by followers. And but, as we have seen lately with Pokemon Uranium and Another Metroid 3 Remake…the unique firms may not be so thrilled that is occurring. And all of that is starting to name up some…tough…authorized questions. So right this moment, I’m asking the query “When is a fan recreation TRULY a fan recreation?” The reply to that query has modified A LOT lately…and it may produce some really scary outcomes.

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UNCROWDED – They’re Just Buying And Reselling Entire Unity Packages

Uncrowded is really UnitZ, a sandbox Unity sells in order for developers to use as a FOUNDATION, rather than a product. An obscene number of “developers” are just selling UnitZ under a new name.

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