Morality Versus Cost – The Horrible Gaming Tradeoff

China has nearly monopolized the production and export of electronic components. Among those materials, gaming consoles are front and center with the majority driven from Foxconn, to Sony Microsoft and Nintendo.

However, the trade-off between cost and morality occurs when it is realized that China uses less than preferable methods to create cheap labor.



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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is DESTROYING society! NPC puritans demand you stop sharing gameplay!

Today in ridiculousness, people that want to share their Animal Crossing experiences are “hurting” others and making their lives stressful? Yes, this is a real thing.

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Gamestop REFUSES To Close & Employees Are Desperate

Look, If Gamestop wants to stay open that’s fine but in order to do that you need to offer your employees at least the basic cleaning supplies to protect themselves and the other customers.

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ReviewTechUSA Just Got “Swatted” &This MUST Stop! Dial It Back Gamers

Seriously, this stuff has to stop, I mean I get a good “prank” and all but this isn’t it, people have lost their lives here & there is nothign funy about that.

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Huge Gamestop Shakeup! Old Board OUT & Reggie Fil Aime Joins Board!

Everyone loves reggie fil aime, is the entire new board of directors enough to extend the life of gamestop? It’s going to be interesting if they can find a way to maximize winnings from playstation 5 and xbox series x


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Sony & Hideo Kojima SLAMMED For Skipping PAX & GDC Conventions

I don’t see what the issue is here, just making smart decisions apparently is offensive these days. Gaming conventions are not what they used to be anyway to be honest. Buy NordVPN’s 3-year plan, get an extra subscription on top. Depending on luck, you’ll be gifted 1-month, 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year plan on top of the 3-year plan you’ve bought Go to or use my coupon code thequartering to get this special deal!

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The Folly Of Gamer Boycotts (The Jimquisition)

Pokémon Sword & Shield shifted over 16 million models worldwide regardless of a big quantity of pre-release controversy. Angry older followers could have promised a boycott, however the recreation’s success has rendered a lot of the backlash over “Dexit” moderately toothless.

This is as a result of Gamer Boycotts do not actually work, and the idea has been so completely discredited after years of failed makes an attempt that it invitations mockery and overshadows any official complaints or grievances.

From Modern Warfare 2 to The Wind Waker, at any time when The Gamers(tm) determine to not purchase one thing, that factor will get purchased. So much. So let’s not use the moderately toxic “B” phrase, eh?

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Why Did Vice Just Call Gamers Bigots & Jerks?

The unending attack on gamers is just too good for business. I couldn’t be more sick of it. Board games, video games, RPGs are for everyone and they always have been.

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Game Journo Plays Doom Eternal & I Lose My Will To Live!

The Internet LOVED Dean Takahashi attempting to play Cuphead, I wager they’ll LOVE him attempting to play Doom Eternal.

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Pokémon’s Business Model Has Always Been Trash

Pokémon Sword & Shield has been ticking off a subset of followers since its announcement, and that outrage has been refueled by the reveal of an upcoming enlargement move.

The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra can be arriving in DLC packs beginning June, and the move to entry them prices $30. Some are viewing this as a paywall, whereas others level out it is higher than releasing the identical sport with new content material bolted on – a collection custom.

The essential downside right here is that Pokémon, as a collection, is one lengthy con that grandfathered in a reasonably slimy enterprise mannequin, and if individuals are mad now, they’d do nicely to look at many years of cynical double dipping via a brand new lens.

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Journo Shoves Joycon In Rear For Sad Article

This is peak games journalism in 2019. I am not kidding, this article is real if only I could figure out why video game Journalism is such a joke.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Part 3) Live Stream – Unlimited Replay

In this Unlimited Replay stay stream I’m enjoying Luigi’s Mansion 3, the primary dwelling console Luigi’s Mansion, because the Gamecube authentic. Luigi and his associates go on trip and are invited to the luxurious Last Resort Hotel. But the invite is a entice orchestrated by the nefarious King Boo and Luigi should save his associates with the assistance of his Polterpup and Professor E. Gadd. Subscribe, like, and revel in!
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Kotaku MELTDOWN! Mean Comments Are TOO MUCH!

Well, I do know a softy once I see em and this dude is 10 ply smooth, perhaps even 20 ply smooth. Covering video video games is severe enterprise. 🙂 Relax my baby.


Google Stadia LYING & Deleting Evidence! A Gender Neutral Controller (Obviously)

Google Stadia continues to have a VERY tough launch and now apparently they’re pandering too? Yikes, possibly get your video games working?