The Mandalorian PROVES Star Wars Can Be Saved! Disproves “Toxic” Fandom

The Mandalorian aired the season finale yesterday to nearly unanimous praise, where are the toxic fans? Disney is still capable of saving Star Wars


SJW’s Try To Cancel Baby Yoda! Demanding Disney Censor Internet! Star Wars: The Mandalorian

I wish I could tell you this was a joke. It isn’t. There is literally an article demanding Disney police the internet and remove harmful baby Yoda memes.


Star Wars Cast ROASTING The Last Jedi On The Rise Of Skywalker Media Tour

It would seem the internet is rallying to defend the existance of the last jedi again as many of the rise of skywalker actors are taking jabs at it.


The Drinker’s Top 5 Star Wars Fight Scenes

As a clever Mary Sue as soon as stated, we win by saving what we love, not destroying what we hate. Or one thing. I wasn’t actually paying consideration. The level is, I’ve slapped collectively a countdown video of my favorite Star Wars fights. Enjoy it, after which go away.

The Last Jedi, and the Assassination of Luke Skywalker

This is it. I’ve been attempting to dodge it for a very long time now, however it is time to take an in-depth have a look at how Luke’s character was utterly butchered by Rian Johnson when he wrote The Last Jedi.

Disclaimer: All clips used on this video are the property of Disney and Lucasfilm, and have been utilised solely for the aim of assessment and critique.

Star Wars, and the issue with Rey

This is one which I simply needed to get off my chest. Rey’s character is changing into a significant drawback within the new Star Wars trilogy, and on this video I’m going to clarify precisely why.