Haikyu Gives Big Update on Season 4 Dub

Haikyuu has been one of the leading sports anime of the last decade, and it promises to see fans through just a bit longer. If you did not know, Production I.G. rolled out the show’s fourth season in January 2020 before it wrapped last month. Of course, fans were quick to binge the show, but some have been waiting for the English dub to debut. And now, fans know when the new version will make its debut.

The whole thing was confirmed by Sentai Filmworks not too long ago. The company gave fans an update on its 2022 Blu-ray releases, and it was there Haikyuu season four showed up for fans.

According to the update, Haikyuu season four will hit shelves on March 29, 2022. The Blu-ray collection will include all episodes of season four, and yes – the English dub will be included. This means the dub may head to streaming services before long, so fans will want to keep an ear out for updates.

As for season four, the exciting season kept up with Karasuno High School as they worked towards Nationals once more. Hinata and Kageyama find themselves training hard on their own, but the split ends up teaching the pair some valuable lessons. So if you need to know more about Haikyuu‘s latest episodes, the synopsis of season four can be found below:

“Once again, determination and teamwork have helped the Karasuno High School volleyball team to qualify for the upcoming Nationals. Then, just as everything is starting to gel, the team is temporarily broken apart as two members are asked to attend special training camps, with Kageyama attending the prestigious All-Japan camp and Tsukishima invited to a special camp for first-years in Miyagi. While the rest of the Karasuno team doggedly continues their own practice matches, Hinata feels that he’s being left behind. His audacious solution, crashing the rookie training camp, catches everyone off guard, yet he somehow manages to talk his way into being allowed to stay… even if it is only watching from the sidelines. And that change of perspective may be just what Hinata needs to advance his game up to the next level in HAIKYU!! – TO THE TOP!”


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How hyped are you for Haikyuu to update its Blu-ray collection? Will you be binging its English dub? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.