Half-Life players are planning to break a Steam world record

Half-Life 3 isn’t taking place. I imply, it may be, however that is what I’ve to inform myself now so as to transfer on. At the identical time, I proceed  taking solace within the vibrant Half-Life fan group, which retains delivering wonderful speedruns, and discoveries concerning the game’s AI and mechanics. And now, in honour of Valve’s iconic, 1998 FPS, the Half-Life followers are planning to take to Steam to set an all-new world record, and everybody’s invited.

On August 14, 2022, at precisely 3PM GMT, the Half-Life group, mobilised by YouTubers Radiation Hazard and Noclick, will log into Steam en masse, and open their copies of Half-Life. The goal is to beat the game’s all-time SteamDB record for concurrently enjoying customers, which at the moment stands at round 6,000. It’s a very achievable purpose, particularly contemplating that in 2021, as a part of an occasion known as Breaking the Bar, the identical Half-Life group managed to get 16,000 folks enjoying Half-Life 2 all on the similar time, smashing the earlier record, and planting a flag for the enduring reputation of the sci-fi shooter.