Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass is too grindy, some players say

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offering got an early launch, hitting a high of 272,586 concurrent players on Steam – according to one analyst, that’s the biggest an Xbox Game Studios title has seen on Valve’s storefront yet. While everyone is having a dang good time – including this orange site’s esteemed deputy editorHalo Infinite’s Battle Pass has come in for some criticism.

Players are expressing concerns on Reddit and Twitter that the battle pass feels a bit too grindy and slow right now. “Three hours in, and I barely managed to level up once,” one fan says. “I know it’s a beta, and they’ve talked about improving this in the future. But it’s just really discouraging to go out of your way to use the less effective weapons/vehicles for XP that amounts to a single grain of sand. I’d rather get XP for medals earned in-game and maybe increase the amount you get from the challenges. Anyway, the game is absolutely stunning. Happy hunting, Spartans!”

One of the more popular player-suggested solutions is giving people experience points for playing matches, with more points coming from a win than a loss. “Challenges should be bonus XP, not the primary source,” another player suggests. “I want incentive to play the game – mandatory challenges that force playstyle detract from that.”

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