Hawkeye Producer Reveals How Series Will Change the Villain Clown From the Comics

Marvel’s upcoming Hawkeye series is going to focus on the two characters known for carrying that mantle, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, but it’s also set to be loaded with quite a few other Marvel Comics characters. Yelena Belova will make an appearance in the series, Echo will play an important role (before getting her own spinoff), and the treacherous villain known as the Clown will also be involved in the story some how. Most of these characters will be seeing some changes from the page to the screen and the Clown is no exception.

In the Hawkeye comic series, from Matt Fraction and David Aja, the Clown is a mercenary named Kazimierz Kazimierczak. He’s hired by the Tracksuit Draculas and several other mob bosses to take out Clint Barton but is ultimately stopped by Kate. It’s easy to see how the Clown will fit into the story of the series, but producer Trinh Tran says that he won’t be exactly the same when he appears in the MCU.

“I can’t say much about how his character unfolds in this series, but what I can say is that part of the interesting thing about bringing these characters to life from the comics is that we wanted to give it a fresh spin,” Tran told Murphy’s Multiverse in a recent interview. “I think part of Kazi’s story in the comics is a little bit tied to how Kate’s world is in the Matt Fraction run. But that’s not necessarily true in the MCU because once we bring that character in and explore them in the story that we have, it can go in any and all kind of direction.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how Kazi is utilized in the MCU compared to how he was depicted in the comics. He’ll obviously have run-ins with Clint and Kate, but we’ve often seen comic villains become beloved characters that you want to root for in the MCU. Loki is a great example, and Druig of the Eternals made a similar adjustment in his film debut. Clown will probably still be a villain, but that’s just one example of how his tenure in the live-action franchise could provide some changes.

At this point, there’s no telling what Marvel has in store for Clown, Echo, or any of the other characters appearing in Hawkeye. That’s awesome news.


Hawkeye is set to debut on Disney+ on November 24th.

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