Horizon Forbidden West Detail Shows How Great the PlayStation Game Is

Horizon Forbidden West has been out on PS4 and PS5 since March, but PlayStation players are still discovering great and easy-to-miss details that they love and that show off how great the game is. One of the most impressive parts of Horizon Forbidden West is its vast, vibrant, and well-realized open world, which is complemented by incredible visual fidelity and a great art direction. There are a lot of moments in the game where you stop what you’re doing and take in the visuals.

To this end, at the top of the mountain where the vase is located, players can see various tallnecks all at once. It’s very high up, and it provides an absolutely incredible view that’s easy to miss.

“Being able to see the tallnecks from super far is one of the first things I really appreciated about this game,” said one PlayStation fan of the Reddit post below. “Absolutely love this about this game. At the end, I was flying around on a sunwing, and seeing some of the machines roam below me far away made the world feel so real. Just incredible,” added another fan.

Right at the top at the mountain where the base is located, you can see 4, of all 6 tallneck of the game from

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Horizon Forbidden West is available exclusively via PS4 and PS5. For more coverage on the new PlayStation exclusive — including everything between the latest official news and the latest unofficial rumors, leaks, and speculation — click here.

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Horizon Forbidden West, by most counts, is another strong release for Guerrilla Games and PlayStation,” reads a snippet of our review of the game. “This is very much a sequel that just looks to go bigger and better than its predecessor, and in that regard, it very much achieves what it sets out to accomplish. Although I wanted more from the story and the game’s general structure is very much the same when compared to Zero Dawn, fans who loved the last title should still love the adventure that this follow-up takes you on.”