Hot Toys Unveils New Iron Man Stealth Armor and War Machine Figures In Origins Collection

Hot Toys has two new figures for their Origins Collection, Iron Man Stealth Suit and War Machine. The collection draws inspiration from early appearances of Marvel Comics characters and these two will make awesome additions to any Iron Man fan’s collection. 

Iron Man’s stealth armor was first introduced in 1981’s Iron Man #152. This figure features the shimmering blue chrome as well as “blue crystal” armored pieces that make this suit unique. It also includes an LED light up helmet with two interchangeable masks, and additional LED light up elements scattered throughout the figures upper body, the arc reactor, and palm repulsors. Although I personally like the classic red and gold Iron Man suit more, this one is still really cool looking. 

War Machine made his debut in 1979’s Iron Man #118 comic. War Machine has proven his metal more times than we can count and this figure is a great homage to Tony Stark’s loyal friend. Featuring contrasting matte black and metallic silver armor, the figure also sports clear crystal parts on the upper chest, as well as LED light-up elements on the eyes, chest, and palms. And of course they couldn’t leave out the huge arsenal of a back mounted machine gun and rifle.

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You can pre order Iron Man stealth suit and War Machine on Sideshow’s site now for $375 each.