How to craft an Ark Sanguine Elixir

Not sure how to craft an Ark Sanguine Elixir? The latest addition to the survival game’s stable of DLC, Fjordur may have begun life as one of the many Ark mods out there, but it’s (quite fittingly) evolved into something much larger. More creatures mean more taming, and that’s where the Sanguine Elixir comes in handy.

Before you can begin to craft the Sanguine Elixir, you’ll first need to tame an Ark Desmodus. These blood-sucking vampire bats are fiercely aggressive, and will certainly take you on the ride of your life. Thankfully, our lengthy guide detailing exactly how to handle a Desmodus will come in handy if it’s your first time tackling these beasts.

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