How to teleport using rift generators at Seven Outposts in Fortnite

Want to know how to teleport using rift generators at different Seven Outposts in Fortnite? We are now in the fifth week of season challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and some of the tasks are a tad trickier than you may initially think. Every season challenge gives you a ton of experience you can put towards completing the battle pass and unlocking its Fortnite skins, so they’re worth doing, particularly if you want to get the Fortnite Spider-Man skin.

This week’s season challenges include one where you need to use rift generators at different Seven Outposts. The rifts are the suspended shapes transparent in the sky close to the generator at the edge of each Seven Outpost, and you only need to build a small ramp to touch them. Once you walk into them, you’ll appear high in the sky above the Seven Outpost. To complete this challenge, you need to activate rift generators at three different Seven Outposts.

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After finishing this challenge, we have some other season challenge guides that may be a bit more difficult, such as how to knock down timber pines in Fortnite, how to destroy the Fortnite signal jammers, and where you can discover the Fortnite device. For now, though, we have pins showing all of the Fortnite Seven Outpost locations on the map below.

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