HP’s Cryo Chamber case makes cooling your gaming PC more of a convenience

The best AIO coolers can help boost fps and keep your gaming PC ice cold, but installation can be a bit of a faff. Thankfully, HP’s new Omen 45L PC case features a dedicated Cryo Chamber that makes cooling your components more of a convenience.

Sure, HP’s PC vision isn’t half as intriguing as CyberpowerPC’s Kinetic case, but its patented Omen Cryo Chamber could make all the difference. In fact, HP claims putting space between the case’s CPU and AIO liquid cooler can make 6°C of a difference.

Of course, the Omen 45L also serves a more mundane purpose, as HP says it also doubles up as a handle. If you’re a fan of the Nintendo Gamecube, you’ll likely think this is a unique selling point. However, hulking around a full PC is going to be more strenuous than carrying a dinky purple console, so if you’re looking for a way to bring your desktop experience from room to room, you might want to hold out for Dell’s Concept Nyx gaming hub.

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