I Actually Tried to Remove My Own Face and I Regret Everything – My Beautiful Paper Smile

I Actually Tried to Remove My Own Face and This Happened – My Beautiful Paper Smile (Chapter 1 Ending)
Welcome to My Beautiful Paper Smile!
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My Beautiful Paper Smile is a psychological horror game about masked children and one daring escape from a cuItist facility in a surreal, hand-drawn world. Let’s play My Beautiful Paper Smile!

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My Beautiful Paper Smile on Steam: https://swm.to/beautifuligp

About My Beautiful Paper Smile:

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a horror game about a child who is raised in a facility to wear a smile forever. In the facility, he and his friend are tested daily to make sure their smile doesn’t fade into sadness. Dodge, run and survive your way through this dark adventure.

My Beautiful Paper Smile is set in a dystopian world where a mad king wants every child to be perfect. Perfection to him is a giant, happy, smile that is worn constantly. Never fading and always bright.

You are one of the Joyous, a child taken by the Authorities, who has only ever known the facility and the mask that he wears bearing a smile that doesn’t dull. The Joyous are watched by the Authorities and kept on a short leash as they are tested daily to ensure no other emotions populate in their subjects’ minds other than happiness.

If sadness sits on their face they are taken away and never seen again.

Join the Joyous on his dark episodic odyssey as he makes his way through the world.


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