InWin’s new modular case could help you build your dream Lego-inspired gaming PC

Replacing everyday objects with stuff made out of Lego is undeniably fun, and this is something the gaming PC scene picked up on a long time ago. In fact, building block compatible DDR5 RAM kits are even a thing now, meaning you can stick some brick onto your components. While we’ve also seen some pretty impressive enthusiast PC case creations in the past, DIY projects understandably require time, skill, and effort. Thankfully, there’s now an easier way to get your hands on a Lego-inspired rig, thanks to InWin’s new range of modular chassis.

In keeping with the spirit of Lego, InWin’s Airforce ATX and Explorer Mini-ITX cases feature a modular frame, meaning you’ll need to put together a few panels before filling it with components. Sadly, the constructible case doesn’t actually use the Danish building block standard to fit together, but its primary colour scheme and funky fan filter windows could help you maintain a Lego-inspired illusion.

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InWin’s creative chassis also looks like it belongs alongside those Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price PCs released back in the 90s. Therefore, even if you’re not really into Lego, this unique case could still fulfil your toy-inspired tech needs.

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