It’s safe to come back: Destiny 2 is officially really good now

I’ve been playing Destiny consistently since the original game launched, way back in September 2014. Colleagues at PCGamesN have, understandably, described me as a fan.

This used to bother me. From day one Bungie’s behemoth has been remarkable as much for its frustrations as for what it gets right, and to be known as the ‘Destiny guy’ suggests I haven’t noticed its flaws. There were definitely moments, after one too many disappointing stories or mind-numbing grinds, when I would’ve quit playing if not for the fact that knowing the intricacies of this huge game is useful for my job.

This is to say that if you’ve tried Destiny before and bounced off, I get it. But you may have been watching from a distance, wondering if there would come a time when it got good. I imagined this moment way back in our Destiny 2 review, in which I concluded: “if you aren’t sold, you don’t need to decide now. Destiny will undoubtedly go on.” Indeed it has, and as of this year, I’m going to put it out there: now’s the time. Destiny 2 has been improving for a long while, but it’s really, properly good now.

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