James Bond: 11 Best Quotes From No Time To Die

The 25th installment in the famous James Bond franchise just released, and it did not disappoint. No Time To Die, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, features incredible action sequences, a fantastic soundtrack by Hanz Zimmer, and a beautiful end to the story of the current James Bond.

This film would be Daniel Craig’s fifth and final appearance as the infamous 007. He brought everything to the table, from impeccable acting to his wild action stunts. There was no shortage of memorable quotes from No Time To Die, from a variety of old and new characters. The best quotes from the film will stay engraved in fans’ minds for years to come.

Warning: Major plot spoilers ahead.

“I wasn’t looking over my shoulder.”

At the start of the film, James Bond is living a seemingly normal and comfortable life with his one true love, Madeleine Swann. They drive along the beautiful Italian coast and arrive at a small hillside town where Bond has a bit of unfinished business to attend to.

As the couple walks up to their luxurious hotel room, Bond carefully inspects his surroundings, clearly stricken with PTSD or trust issues. Madeleine comforts and teases him, saying he can relax and doesn’t have to always be looking over his shoulder. This scene demonstrates Bond’s struggles with living a normal life, even after so much time out of his profession.

“We all have our secrets, we just didn’t get to yours yet.”

Peace never lasts long for secret agent James Bond, with trouble and revenge brewing around every corner. After an unexpected attack from Spectre, James feels utterly betrayed by Madeleine, the only person who knew his current location

He hastily ushers her into his car, fleeing the onslaught of gunfire raining down upon them. He loses all trust in his partner, and makes it clear by sending her on a train so that she could never see him again.

“I’m not just a Double 0. I’m 007.”

When James first meets Nomi, the secret agent who took his place during his 5 years off the grid, he doesn’t know how to feel about her. She establishes her qualifications and status by letting him know that she is the new 007, and they hadn’t decomissioned his number after he disappeared.

Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, with quite a bit of apparent envy from both parties. Each acknowledges the strength of the other, but they lack respect and politeness towards each other.

“Shaken, not stirred.”

In Cuba, Felix sets Bond up to meet with a new agent in the CIA named Paloma, played by Ana de Armas. The two set out on a mission to kidnap the already kidnapped russian scientist with a dangerous bioweapon, so they infiltrate a formal party where he is located.

Before getting into any gunfights or danger, the two enjoy a quick drink at the bar. Of course, this allows Bond to say his all time famous line that appears in every movie: “Shaken, not stirred.”

“Bond. James Bond”

It wouldn’t be a 007 movie without James stating his name in the most iconic way. However, in No Time To Die, James has to tell his name to a receptionist at his own former goverment agency where he spent so many years of his life, showing how he is now just a visitor, not a highly respected agent.

It’s a funny little moment, conveying Bond’s unfamiliarity with people not knowing who he is in the spy world.

“I do not regret a single moment of my life that I spent with you… Except putting you on that train.”

The romance in this film is top notch. After reuniting with his true love so many years later, James is finally able to confess his feelings to Madeleine in her childhood home.

He has such a way with words, telling her exactly what she needed to hear to accept him into her life again. It is beautiful to see how James Bond, the man who is supposed to make no mistakes, admits to making a big one in his personal love life.

“History isn’t kind to those who play god.”

James knows all to well how villains end up when they wish to destroy the world. With too much power comes an eventual downfall, which is seen in the case of every single Bond villain.

Outside of the books and films, the real world also backs up this quote. Huge leaders and politians across our history have always found an unfavorable end when they get too power hungry. Bond warned the antagonist Safin, played by Rami Malek, about his eventual demise, having seen it happen too many times.

“Life is all about leaving something behind.”

When Safin and Bond are speaking on the private island, the evil villain holds young Mathilde in his arms, threatening to hurt her if Bond makes a move. He states that all humans want to leave something behind in the world when they die, like how Madeleine had a child who will live on after her death.

Safin expands on this idea by discussing the legacy he wants to leave — which is something quite different. Rather than a child, Safin aims to leave unfathomable mass destruction by releasing the Heracles bioweapon into the world.

“Do you know what time it is? Time to die.”

Nomi proves she got the title of 007 for a reason, escaping the terrorizing army of Safin’s soldiers while holding the scientist as hostage. She no longer has use of using the scientist as a human shield, and finds herself standing over the deadly pool of Heracles particles.

One final racially targeted comment from the scientists earns him a satisfying death as Nomi pushes him into the Heracles. Fittingly, she states the quote above as he falls to his death.

“I have to finish this…for us.”

James has every intention to save his family and bring peace and safety to the world once again. He conveys this in the final words that he says to Madeleine as he sends her and her daughter off the island that is about to be bombed to bits.

James proves his sacrificial spirit and his dedication to make sure the world will carry on, even if it means putting his life at risk over and over again. This powerful quote foreshadows the end, or the “finish” line that James is about to face.

“I know. I know.”

James Bond’s final words. Fans of the franchise may not have expected to ever hear the spy’s final words before his death, as many hoped he would finally get a happy ending, but alas, here they are.

In his final moments, Madeleine admits that James is the father of her daughter and that she has his blue eyes. He looks up at the oncoming missiles and replies, “I know.” It’s intense, it’s emotional, it’s perfectly dramatic. Above all, it’s a heartbreaking yet fitting end to Daniel Craig’s James Bond.


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