Kayne West Pitched a “Very Moving” Nintendo Game to Shigeru Miyamoto

Apparently, Kanye West took to E3 in 2015 to track down Nintendo‘s Shigeru Miyamoto to pitch him a video game. Kanye West is a bit ambitious when it comes to his passions. He strives for the best, most unique content he can possibly provide. His concerts are more than just shows with a person singing on stage, they’re experiences. Kanye West has managed to secure IMAX screenings for his concerts in the past and built elaborate sets to tell a very specific story amongst many other things. This is all to say that Kanye is a very determined person and arguably, a perfectionist.

It only makes sense that he’d want to work with the company that releases some of the greatest games of all time. According to Zachary Ryan, he was wrapping up an interview with Miyamoto when the subject of Kanye West came up. Miyamoto immediately got excited and started recounting a story from E3 2015. Miyamoto stated that Kanye came to the Nintendo booth unscheduled and demanded an audience with Miyamoto present. The acclaimed rapper then pulled out a prototype for a game about his late mother, Donda West, flying to heaven. Miyamoto described it as “interesting” and “very moving”, but ultimately nothing came of it. Reggie Fils-Aime revealed a few years ago that a meeting between Nintendo and Kanye West did occur, but Nintendo was unable to collaborate with him due to how busy they were with other projects and seemingly feeling like they weren’t the right fit for him.

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‘The Life of Pablo’ had just dropped and our Nintendo rep knew i was a music nerd and asked if I was listening to it.

“Kanye!” Miyamoto exclaimed and started emphatically telling a story. his translator sprung into action.

Miyamoto was telling a story about the previous E3.

— Zachary Ryan (@ZachariusD) May 5, 2022

At E3 2016, Kanye West officially announced the game with a trailer, titling it Only One. It’s a rather beautiful looking game that was intended to release on mobile devices, but it never released. Whether or not Kanye will ever find the right team to help him make this passion project remains to be seen, but it’s certainly one of the more unique stories to come from Nintendo.

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