Though best known for his New Jersey-set comedies, filmmaker Kevin Smith has put out into the universe the biopic he’d most like to get made, and if you’re aware of his personality and friendships over the years it…makes a lot of sense. Speaking on his latest FatMan Beyond Live episode, Smith was asked the question and replied: “Stan Lee would make an amazing biopic….I don’t think I’m talented to tell that story though. I think I’m only good enough to do the Kevin Smith biopic, but if somebody was like here’s a blank check and you can do whatever you want, as far as biopics go I think I would try to go with Stan Lee.”

Smith was among the first in Hollywood to really publicly idolize Lee, having him cameo in his second feature film Mallrats as himself which lead to appearances in other films, cartoons, and TV shows over the years. The filmmaker posted a lengthy, heartfelt tribute to Lee upon his death, writing: “Outside of my parents, you were the one adult who gave me the most useful life skills I still use today. Thank you, Stan, for making me not only the boy I was but also the man I am today. You had great power and you always used it responsibly, fostering billions of dreamers who all know your name – a name written in the stars for all time. You were not just the literary titan of comic books, you were our modern day Mark Twain. I will miss you all my days, my friend and hero. Excelsior forevermore.”

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Lee previously expressed interest in having a film made about him, revealing discussions that he’d had with Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Speaking during a panel at Wizard World Nashville back in 2017, Lee confirmed the talks, revealing that DiCaprio is a big Marvel fan. The prolific comic writer said they had talked about “Doing a movie of my life, with him playing me, and I said, ‘I’m not sure you’re good-looking enough. We’ll test you, see how you look, see how it comes out, don’t get too excited, we’ll let you know.'” Lee further added: “He’s a big marvel fan, in his house, he has huge posters on his walls, all over, Marvel posters. He’s great.”


Talk of a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby biopic previously made the rounds when Excelsior!, a script about the creation of Marvel Comics and its two primary architects, made The Black List back in 2020. The script’s distinction being voted onto the list (which catalogues the best scripts that are unproduced in Hollywood) didn’t immediately result in it getting picked up by a studio, but fans can dream anyway.