Konami is celebrating Castlevania’s 35th anniversary with NFTs

Konami is auctioning 14 unique pieces of Castlevania artwork as NFTs to mark the series’ 35th anniversary, which has gone down about as well as you would imagine. The content up for auction includes various game scenes, background music, and freshly drawn visuals of various scenes throughout Castlevania’s history. The auction kicks off on NFT marketplace OpenSea on January 12.

As an added incentive, Konami says that those who have purchased an NFT will have their nickname plastered to its website from mid-February to the end of 2022, assuming your nickname is “socially acceptable”. Konami won’t accept any cancellation of transactions, returns, or refunds “under any circumstances”.

Konami also says you can re-sell or transfer your NFT to different platforms, though it takes “no responsibilities for any secondary transactions”. That’s particularly worth noting as word of numerous NFT scams and hacks is never too far away from the news right now. The company also clarifies that purchasing the NFT does not give you intellectual property rights – copyrights, trademark rights, and that sort of stuff – concerning the data linked to the NFT. That means you can’t use it for commercial purposes.