Latest ‘Battlefield 2042’ update makes Hovercraft less overpowered

The latest major update for Battlefield 2042 is out now. It brings some major improvements, fixes, and changes to the game, including reducing the overpowered nature of the much loved Hovercraft.

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As predicted yesterday (November 24), the fixes include reducing weapon bloom, i.e. the amount of bullet spread there is for the majority of weapons, except for shotguns. That means accuracy is improved for players keen to aim a bit more carefully than before.

As well as that, the LCAA Hovercraft has been adjusted with its equipped armour type no longer quite as unbeatable. It’s now more vulnerable against different weapon types. That means it’s not quite as overpowered as it once was, giving players more of a chance against it.

Previously, EA Dice explained that it had noticed the Hovercraft “became a fan favourite given its high durability and effectiveness in combat”. However, the team had “designed this vehicle to behave as an alternative to the LATV4, but not as an upgrade,” hence why its power is being adjusted.

Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Other vehicles have also been tweaked with the AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Super Hokum seeing their 30mm cannon radius reduced. Overall damage of the Minigun for all Land Vehicles has also been reduced.

Additional fixes include one that helps players who found themselves unable to be revived or respawn.

Full patch notes are available on the official Battlefield 2042 website.

In related Battlefield 2042 news, its head of design has announced his departure. Fawzi Mesmar has been head of design at EA Dice since 2019 and is leaving tomorrow (November 26). He previously oversaw design for titles including Star Wars Battlefront 2 as well as Battlefield 2042. There’s no word yet on where Mesmar is going to next.

In other news, Life Is Strange: True Colors is finally making its way to the Switch very soon.

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