League of Legends Champion Trailer Reveals Nilah, First Look at Gameplay

League of Legends’ next champion, Nilah, has already been revealed this week with Riot Games offering players our first look at the next character’s gameplay. The champion uses water-based abilities and a whip to attack enemies near and far based on the snippets of gameplay we’ve seen, but we don’t yet know the full extent of the champion’s capabilities. Some details about the champion were rumored to have leaked prior to this reveal to perhaps give a better idea of what Nilah can do, but it appears at least from this gameplay teaser that the leaks may not be entirely accurate.

The champion trailer can be seen below courtesy of Riot Games after it was released on Friday following Thursday’s teaser. Nilah is seen leaping around Summoner’s Rift while whipping enemies with her water weapon. She definitely has at least one dash, but it’s worth noting that she uses Flash in most of the gameplay clips, so her mobility is a bit exaggerated here in that sense.

Towards the end of the gameplay trailer, we see an extended fight or two where more of her abilities are showcased. It appears as though she has an ability that shrouds her in mist – a theme referenced in the Champion Roadmap from April – and while it’s unclear what all it does, it definitely blocks the damage and stun from Twisted Fate’s Gold Card. The champion also appears to have a move which allows her to swing her whip in a circle and pull enemies in, and considering how it’s only shown once, perhaps that’s her ultimate ability.

With dashes and abilities that pull champions in, you may be inclined to think this champion is a mage or something similar, but based on past teasers, Nilah will actually go in the bottom lane. Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, the lead producer of gameplay for League of Legends who spoke to us previously about Bel’Veth, hinted at Nilah’s role in a past discussion about 2022 champions.

“But before we go, here’s a quick teaser for a new, very mysterious, non-traditional bot lane champion we will be whipping out later this year,” Reav3 said in the video above before showing an aquatic emblem to tease the champion.


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It’s worth noting that Reav3 referred to Nilah as a “bot lane champion” in that teaser and not specifically a marksman, so perhaps players who don’t typically prefer that role may find a new champion to play there once Nilah releases.