League of Legends Reveals Zeri Gameplay and Abilities

Season 12 of League of Legends has finally started today and to coincide with the new year of the mega-popular MOBA, Riot Games has now officially unveiled the next champion coming to the game. Following a leak earlier this week, a number of fans got their first look at Zeri, who is a marksman character that is meant to be played in bottom lane. And while Zeri’s splash art and lore were already disclosed just a few days ago, Riot has now shown off the champ’s first gameplay footage and accompanying abilities.

While Zeri is a marksman character, she is meant to be used quite differently when compared to other ADC champions within League of Legends. Specifically, Zeri’s kit doesn’t revolve around her ability to deal endless auto attacks. Instead, her true power lies in her Q ability, which fires a burst of rounds at foes. This attack is the main way in which Zeri is meant to deal damage while her actual basic attack deals can be used to slow enemies down when charged up.

“I stood up for my community. I can stand up for others too.” ?

Run fast, charge up, shoot the bad guys. Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, surges onto the Rift in patch 12.2! ?

Check out her abilities in the thread below! ? pic.twitter.com/lVWvoSrIqX

— League of Legends // UK, IE & Nordics (@LoLUKN) January 7, 2022

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When it comes to Zeri’s other abilities, her W allows her to fire a single shot of lightning that can slow enemies when hit. This shot also can travel through walls and grows both in size and reach when doing so. As for her E, this ability lets Zeri vault over various terrain within League of Legends. It works in a similar way that Talon’s own leaping ability works, although Zeri can “grind” over objects that are much larger in size.

Finally, Zeri’s ultimate ability is known as “Lightning Crash” and it creates a massive burst of electricity to damage opponents. Not only does this burst deal damage to those close by, but it also provides a boost to Zeri’s own damage, attack speed, and movement speed. So while Lightning Crash on its own can be used to dispatch of foes, it can also simply be used as a brief buff for Zeri overall.


If you would like to see all of these new looks at Zeri’s abilities, you can find them in the Twitter thread attached up above. When it comes to the release date of Zeri in League of Legends, Riot Games hasn’t committed to a specific launch date just yet. That being said, given the history of other champion releases in the past, she should become available to play before the end of the month.