Lost Ark devs reveal the MMO’s character creation and customisation

With isometric fantasy MMORPG Lost Ark coming to European and North American regions very soon, developer Smilegate RPG and publisher Amazon Games have been showing off slices of the game to give us a flavour of what it’s all about. We recently got an overview, a peep at Arkesia’s world and lore, and now the devs have lifted the lid on character creation and customisation.

Creating your own character and making them truly your own is naturally a biggie in MMORPGs, where there’ll be tons of players wandering the highways and byways and so you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. The good news is it seems Lost Ark has a pretty generous set of options. First, you pick one of the 15 classes available at launch. That’s made up of five base classes, including options such as warrior, mage, gunner, and so on, and a set of advanced classes.

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With this selected, you’ll get to see some of the fancy, class-specific armour sets you can work towards as you progress in the game. Naturally, you’ll start off with something more homespun, but this view gives you an idea of what you’ll be working towards, and there are multiple options per class. For your character’s appearance, you can start from a base of one of many different presets and then adjust a wide range of options, with facial features, shapes, and characteristics customisable through both basic and advanced settings.

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