Lucy Lawless Says She May Have Lost A Star Wars Gig Thanks To A Fan Petition

lucy lawless

Lucy Lawless appreciates that a large swath of her fans wanted her to be cast on The Mandalorian once Gina Carano was let go. However, the actor said in a recent interview that she thinks the push to get Disney to put her on The Mandalorian likely led to talks for her to get a part on another Star Wars project falling apart quite abruptly.

The push to get Lawless on the Disney Plus series came after Carano was abruptly fired from The Mandalorian. While Disney never said exactly why they let the actor go, many fans believed she was fired because of her political beliefs. Earlier in the year, Carano made a post on her social media that compared Republicans in the United States in 2021 to the Jewish people in Germany during World War II. The backlash was swift and her departure from The Mandalorian was even quicker. Almost immediately after she was fired, fans started talking about who could replace her, and Lawless believes that’s where her problems started.

In a recent interview with Metro, Lawless said she believes that while the drama surrounded The Mandalorian, she was attempting to get a totally different gig. She explained that at the time, she was already in negotiations for something else that was Star Wars centered. She went on to say that she felt as though Disney decided not to hire her because they were afraid they would be seen as catering to the people who had loudly called for Carano’s firing.

While Disney claimed that the changeup on The Mandalorian was not because of politics, Lawless believes at the very least, the company didn’t want to add to any rumors that it was. Lawless said the people lobbying Disney to hire her actually ended up hurting her because the company didn’t want to be seen “pandering” to any fan base. She added that another fan base would then wonder why the company wasn’t pandering to them.

Lawless went on to add that had she been hired for The Mandalorian, it would have looked as if she’d gotten the job because of politics. Disney would have felt that way, even if the company knew she had nothing to do with Carano’s exit.

It appears in Lawless’ eyes, the fans showing the kind of support they did was quite counterproductive. Now she can’t be hired for any part in the Star Wars universe, at least until the situation with The Mandalorian calms down.

The Mandalorian seasons 1-2 are now available on Disney Plus.

Source: Metro

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