Mario Golf: Super Rush Adds Awesome NES Homage

Mario Golf: Super Rush is Mario’s latest foray into the sport, but the mascot has been playing the game since the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. On the North American box art for 1991’s NES Open Tournament Golf, Mario traded in his trademark overalls for a stylish red, white, and blue ensemble. Nintendo Switch owners can now use this iconic outfit in Mario Golf: Super Rush, as it’s being offered as a Ranked Match reward this month! Getting an A- or higher unlocks the outfit, and it looks like it will only be available for the month of January.

An image of the outfit, alongside the box art for NES Open Tournament Golf, can be found embedded below.

(Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo and developer Camelot have offered other Ranked Match rewards over the last few months, but this might be the coolest so far! The new Mario skin is a great throwback to the days of the NES, and even players that never checked out NES Open Tournament Golf might want to get this one in Super Rush. Nintendo is always finding fun ways to address its history, and this outfit certainly qualifies.

Over the last few months, Nintendo has added a steady stream of new content for Mario Golf: Super Rush, including new playable characters, new courses, and new modes. The game’s 4.0.0 update released back in November, marking the end of free updates for the title. It’s unclear whether Nintendo will be offering paid DLC at some point in the future, but it certainly seems possible! Camelot has plenty of great characters to select from the Mario family, and fans of the game probably wouldn’t mind seeing more. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Readers can check out our review, as well as all of our previous coverage of the game, right here.


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