Marvel’s Avengers v2.5.1 Update Live With Patch Notes

A brand new Marvel’s Avengers replace is stay alongside patch notes straight from developer on the game, Crystal Dynamics. According to Crystal Dynamics, the replace largely focuses on refining the game’s new character, Jane Foster, aka The Mighty Thor. In addition, there are “some minor stability fixes and enhancements. What the replace does not have is any new NSFW content material like a current replace nor any new content material generally, which is probably not coming till the game’s next character.

While we have the patch notes for the update, we don’t have any information about what the various file sizes across Google Stadia, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. In other words, we have no information on how long the update may take to download.

Below, you can check out the patch notes for yourself, in their entirety, courtesy of Crystal Dynamics:

Multiplayer and Matchmaking:

Fixed an issue preventing players from seeing all other players’ Heroic Orbs during multiplayer.

Art and Animation:

Refined the lighting visible results for when The Mighty Thor’s “The All-Weapon” Ultimate Heroic is lively.
The Mighty Thor’s “Heart on a String” Takedown’s audio cues now sync up with the Takedown’s animation.
Improved parts of The Mighty Thor’s character mannequin in efforts to scale back clipping and enhance shadows.
The Mighty Thor’s hammer now not turns into Mjolnir when it’s thrown. (Although that is some cool multiversal insanity!)
Fixed a uncommon subject the place The Mighty Thor’s Animatic wouldn’t activate when gamers interacted with Mjolnir.
The Mighty Thor’s “God Blast” animation now exhibits lightening placing all targets, as supposed.
Mjolnir now not randomly sticks to sure glass parts within the atmosphere.
There is now not clipping via The Mighty Thor’s cape when gamers use her “Cloudy Disposition” Emote.
Jane now holds her hammer at the beginning of her “The Perfect Spin” and “Don’t Even Need The Hammer” Takedowns.
All Heroes’ faces now animate correctly when talking with The Mighty Thor.



Edited the “Rise and Shine” occasion description to incorporate the Units that the occasion rewards.
Localized VO strains for “The Mighty Thor” now play correctly throughout her intro cinematic.

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The Mighty Thor’s ranged combo ability “Quickfire” now works towards Dreadbots, as a substitute of her hammer bouncing off.
The Mighty Thor’s “Quickfire” ability is now not accessible preemptively after unlocking the “Seek and Pin” ability.
The Mighty Thor’s “Seek and Pin” capacity is now not depending on the place gamers are aiming and seeks enemies autonomously, as designed.
The Mighty Thor’s “Mjolnir’s Chosen” ability harm now scales to a Hero’s stats, as supposed.
Mjolnir’s gotten some repairs. It now glows correctly when the “Possess the Power” emote is lively.
The “Aesir’s Breaker” perk now not boosts non-Unarmed Attacks, equivalent to “Warrior’s Fury” lightning bolts.

Gear, Challenges, and Rewards:

Bonus useful resource rewards for Threat Sectors, together with these in Wakanda and the Snowy Tundra, are now not rewarded for finishing the flawed missions.
When gamers choose The Mighty Thor for the primary time, they may routinely be granted Power Level 1 Gear.
The “Investing in the Future” Achievement is now correctly unlocked when upgrading a bit of drugs to its max degree.
Gear Vendors now not provide Power Level will increase past the supposed degree.
The Mighty Thor’s Heavy Attack ability “Falling Star” is now granted at degree one and requires no ability to buy. Players will now not have an additional ability level at degree one on The Mighty Thor.
Defeating enemies whereas The Mighty Thor’s “All-Mother’s Blessing” capacity is lively now not progresses the “Warrior’s Fury” Daily Challenge, as supposed.
The Mighty Thor’s “Need to Take a Call” default Takedown now exhibits as owned in participant inventories, as supposed.
Mjolnir now correctly drops Intrinsic Orbs when The Mighty Thor’s “Mjolnir’s Chosen” Heroic Specialization is lively.

Marvel’s Avengers is accessible through PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia. For all of our earlier and in depth protection of the game, click on right here.