Mass Effect 4 Leak Reveals Major Details

BioWare has seemingly leaked some major Mass Effect 4 plot details and confirmed that in the cannon universe of the Mass Effect Trilogy, Commander Shepard is alive and the reapers are destroyed. The leak comes the way of the official BioWare Gear store, where the Geth poster released last year to promote the new Mass Effect has been made into a lithograph. Dubbed, the Mass Effect Mysteries Form the Future Lithograph, the product itself isn’t very interesting. BioWare has teased it has “at least five” surprises hidden within it, but fans think they’ve figured out most of these mysteries. What’s more interesting is the product description for the lithograph, or at least the original product description, as it’s since been altered to remove some juicy details.

The original description noted that Shepard’s “final quest” had “ended the threat of the Reapers, but at great cost including Earth itself.” Obviously, this suggests the destroy ending is canon and somehow Earth was lost in the process. What’s more interesting is the next sentence that mentions “Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces.” Beyond this, the following is in the description: “A Krogan and its four-member team” in front of a ship that resembles “the Normandy with SFX emblazoned on either side.” A Krogan with a team sounds like it could be a hint at Wrex or Grunt.

“Shepard’s final quest may have ended the threat of the Reapers but at great cost including Earth itself,” reads the original product description for the lithograph. “While Shepard and the survivors are left to pick up the pieces, fans are left wondering what’s next. Mass Effect will continue. And with the sneak peek poster we got from the BioWare team as part of the N7 Day 2021, there is a lot to unpack. From countless theories regarding the setting of the next game to the bewilderment on whether Geth would make a comeback, eagle-eyed fans have a lot to make of this Mass Effect Mysteries from the Future Lithograph. A Krogan and its 4-member team walk towards a Geth-shaped crater with a ship that resembles the Normandy with SFX emblazoned on either side. All this along with BioWare GM Gary McKay’s hints about the ‘at least five’ surprises within the poster will make this Lithograph a great material for study, discussion, and endless pondering. The special pear! gloss finish and high-quality printing ensure that no detail is lost, right to the specks of dust and snow on the mysterious crater. So, suit up, hang this lithograph on your wall and get ready for the next chapter in Mass Effect.”



As noted, the production description has since been changed with no comment from BioWare or anyone working on the game. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.