Mass Effect: Legendary Edition now has a happy ending, thanks to this mod

The original ending to Mass Effect 3, which capped off the trilogy when the space game first launched in 2012, was a bit of a bummer – fans were upset that their choices felt meaningless in the final act, even after BioWare released its Final Cut. Modders have come to the rescue, however, and now there’s a happy ending mod for the new Mass Effect: Legendary Edition.

Audemus’ Happy Ending Mod, which you can find over on Nexus Mods, makes an array of changes to the story in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition by tweaking Codex entries, cutscenes, slides, and more. If you haven’t played through the Mass Effect series yet and plan to, you might want to bail out here – there’s no way to talk about this mod without getting into spoiler territory.

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Now that we’ve given the future Shepards a chance to clear out, the major change made in AHEM is that Commander Shepard survives the final mission. After the Crucible fires on the Reapers, the current squad will discover Shepard, who will then attend the memorial service. Every possible romance option from both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 will be there, and they’ll all give Shepard a nice hug after the moment of silence.