Medieval Dynasty: Where to Find Seeds

In actual medieval history, the backbone of society wasn’t the king or his knights. It was the farmers. Over 90% of the population were farmers or herders, involved with food production. Medieval Dynasty, a realistic medieval RPG, reflects that reality.

Like plenty of recent indie games, Medieval Dynasty has a farming system. Players tend to crops and harvest produce as the season’s pass, cycling their plants with the changing weather.

Of course, this process can’t start without seeds. And unfortunately, the game isn’t immediately forthcoming on where to get them.

Finding Medieval Dynasty’s Seeds

The way that players get seeds is somewhat obvious. They’re a naturally occurring by-product of harvesting crops and threshing grains. Once they get a good crop rotation going, players should naturally start stockpiling seeds alongside their other resources.

But players don’t start with crops. They need to set up their farms by hand. Right now, the only other way to get seeds in Medieval Dynasty is to buy them directly from a merchant.

Buying Seeds From Merchants

There are several named merchants in the game, and each one sells different items. At the start of the game, the closest merchant will be Adelina in Gostovia. The merchants and the seeds they sell are listed below. Note that many sell goods aside from seeds, and this is not a complete list of their wares.

Adelina in Gostovia sells Carrot Seed, Onion Seed, Rye Grain, and Wheat Grain

Dagobert in Denica sells Beetroot Seed, Cabbage Seed, and Poppy Seed.

Karolina in Hornica sells Flax Grain.

Lubomira in Branica sells Flax Grain.

Matylda in Denica sells Flax Grain.

Nadar in Rolnica sells Beetroot Seed, Carrot Seed, Oat Grain, and Rye Grain.

Norbert in Baranica sells Cabbage Seed.

Rajmund in Tutki sells Poppy Seed and Rye Grain.

Sewing Medieval Dynasty’s Seeds

The process isn’t done when the player gets seeds. There are still a few steps left to get planting. Players first need to build a field, which can be done from the building menu. They then need to obtain a hoe and a bag, either bought from a merchant or made using Medieval Dynasty‘s crafting system.

After all that is done, then they need to fertilize the field. Fertilizer can be crafted using manure or rot, without special equipment. Then they use the hoe to plow the field. After that, they can equip the bag and place seeds in each plot by right-clicking it.

Players should note that certain crops should only be planted in certain seasons. For example, Poppy Seed is planted in the spring and harvested in the autumn.

Medieval Dynasty is available now for #PC.


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