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Frank the pug by chance swallows a weapon of mass destruction.

Season 1 Episode 3: The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome: Frank the Pug; loud-mouthed alien informant disguised as a canine; has swallowed the Void Density Core; a mega-powerful alien weapon of mass destruction. Too unhealthy the huge Charnok additionally covets the tiny sphere and has come to Earth to assert it. Jay and Kay place Frank within the MiB witness safety program; Jay utilizing the task to grill Frank about what lies beneath Kay’s steely persona. Unfortunately; Frank will not be protected till nature takes its course and the Density Core materializes.

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Jay and Kay, the universe’s most explosive crime-fighting and alien-wrangling brokers, are again on this action-packed animated journey collection primarily based on the smash hit movement image. Kay (voice of Ed O’Ross) is the veteran MiB agent who’s been across the block just a few instances and has seen issues past human comprehension. Rookie Jay (Keith Diamond), a former NYPD cop recruited by Kay to be his associate, is enthusiastic, comical and funky. The stunning and good Elle (Jennifer Lien), a analysis scientist on the MiB group, and Zed (Charles Napier), the top honcho of the top-secret operation, full the staff. Up towards an assortment of outrageous however harmful aliens, the MiB work tirelessly to guard the Earth from the scum of the universe.

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Men In Black: The Series | Frank Swallows A Void Density Core | Throwback Toons

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