Meta Project Cambria VR headset will cost over $800

            Meta has confirmed that its <a href="">Project Cambria</a> VR headset will cost "significantly" more than $800. In a statement issued to <a href="">Road to VR</a>, the social media giant added clarification regarding the price of its metaverse goggles, following price claims included in a virtual reality release roadmap report by <a href="">The Information</a>.

The Project Cambria confirmation effectively dismisses claims that the device will cost $800, but gives us an idea of what to expect in terms of price. The company’s wording implies its next best VR headset could cost over $1,000, meaning it’d sit among professional-grade options like the HTC Vive Focus 3.

Meta has already stressed that Project Cambria is a higher-end product than the Oculus Quest 2, with the company suggesting it could eventually replace your work PC. While this doesn’t mean it won’t double as a gaming headset, Meta’s metaverse intentions are crystal clear, and it’d likely rather you use the device to wield a social avatar than mess up zombies in Resident Evil 4 VR.

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