Metroid Dread: How to Beat the Twin Robot Chozo Soldier Mini-Boss in Ferenia & Burenia

Though not precisely the most difficult boss in Metroid Dread, the Robot Chozo Soldier is actually no stroll in the park both. It’s ready to dish out a whole lot of injury in a really quick period of time and is certainly one of only a few enemies in the recreation that may transfer as shortly as Samus. It ought to subsequently go with out saying that taking over two of those fast robots directly is in no way straightforward.

Players will come up towards the Twin Robot Chozo Soldier enemies on a couple of separate events throughout their playthrough of Metroid Dread. Beating them would require a bit little bit of planning, significantly when it comes to avoiding their highly effective assaults. Thankfully, the rooms in which the battles happen are a few of the largest in the recreation and supply gamers with a bit extra room to maneuver.

Where to Find the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

Much like the particular person Robot Chozo Soldiers, gamers will sq. off towards the twins on two separate events. The first of those battles comes in the Ferenia area nearly instantly after gamers have defeated the Escue boss, with gamers merely needing to head west via the E.M.M.I. patrolled zone in order to discover them.

The second encounter is definitely optionally available and takes place a couple of hours later in Burenia. To attain it, gamers will want to return to the underwater space in the southeastern nook of the area after acquiring the Super Bomb from the remaining E.M.M.I. or journey the close by elevator up from Artaria after getting the Screw Attack. From there, it is merely a case of heading to the high of the room with the excessive ceiling and thru the Morph Ball tunnel.

How to Beat the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

When it comes to allotting injury, the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers are an identical to their solo counterparts, that means that they’ve entry to the similar 4 strikes. What makes these battles a lot tougher is that gamers will want to deal with two of them directly, which might make dodging their assaults an entire lot more difficult.

Thankfully, the troopers additionally undergo from the similar weaknesses, that means that gamers can exploit the verticality of the battle space in order to put far between themselves and their foes. The excessive ceilings, in specific, make it loads simpler for gamers to leap and Flash Shift straight over the troopers, whereas the size of the room may also work in gamers’ favor.

When it comes to dealing injury, gamers ought to make the most of the Storm Missile, which they simply so occur to purchase proper earlier than the first showdown with the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers. By holding down the R button as they evade their pursuers, gamers can shortly flip and lock onto them shortly earlier than peppering them with missiles.

In the first Twin Robot Chozo Soldier combat, it is best to give attention to taking down certainly one of the troopers earlier than the different. Though that is partly due to it being simpler to deal with a single enemy, there’s one thing else that wants to be taken under consideration, extra so if gamers have not been amassing missile tanks or enter the combat with a lowered provide.

Storm Missiles will eat three of Samus’ missile ammo, that means that it is loads simpler to run out when utilizing them repeatedly. Players will get an honest quantity again for every of the troopers that they kill although, so by first focussing on a single enemy, they vastly lower the probabilities that they will run out of missiles earlier than the finish of the combat.

Just like the solo Robot Chozo Soldiers, the twins will finally explode as soon as gamers have dealt sufficient injury. As talked about above, they’re going to every depart behind a wholesome provide of missiles after they achieve this, in addition to some well being. Those hoping for a extra substantial reward for his or her efforts shall be left bitterly upset, although gamers do discover the house leap not lengthy after the first encounter.


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