Metroid Dread: What To Do After Getting The Cross Bomb

While in her ball form, Samus does not have access to her regular arm-cannon attacks. However, in Metroid Dread, she can obtain some useful bombs to activate in this compact mode. An example of this is the Cross Bomb, which can be acquired after defeating the boss Golzuna in the northeastern part of the Ghavoran region.

The Cross Bomb is handy for grabbing all the useful yet unnecessary collectibles throughout Metroid Dread, though is also very handy while in the late-game area known as Hanubia. After getting an upgrade in Hanubia, players can backtrack through previous areas to use the Cross Bomb and more to find all the loot Planet ZDR has to offer.

How To Use The Cross Bomb

As the tutorial message implies, the Cross Bomb can be used to clear linear paths 1-block-wide that can only be destroyed by the effects of a bomb placed in ball mode. The Cross Bomb will not only allows players to progress through tight corridors packed with Bomb Blocks quicker and easier but also grant the ability to launch Samus in the desired direction as well.

For example, there are some Missile Tanks and other collectibles that cannot normally be accessed due to being at the end of a 1-block-wide linear path beyond some Pitfall Blocks (dark grey blocks with cracks that break when being landed upon from above). In addition to being able to rocket themselves upward, players can place a Cross Bomb on the ground right behind them to launch themselves forward in ball mode with enough speed to clear the Pitfall Blocks before they break.

Where To Go After Getting The Cross Bomb Upgrade

Immediately after defeating Golzuna and picking up the Cross Bomb, players will be able to travel east into a shuttle station to be transported further east into the late-game region known as Hanubia. In this region, players will need the Cross Bomb in order to effectively navigate through the many 1-block-wide passages that are packed to the brim with Bomb Blocks.

While here, players will gain the Power Bomb upgrade after a boss fight, however, this is not a replacement for the recently acquired Cross Bomb, despite being able to perform a similar function. The Power Bomb has limited ammo that must be regained from a recharge station or as drops from enemies, which limits its usage and keeping the Cross Bomb as a vital upgrade in most cases. However, together (along with some other late-game upgrades), the Cross Bomb and the Power Bomb will allow players to backtrack through earlier areas and attain any collectible they desire as well as progress to the final region of the game–Itorash.

Metroid Dread is available on the #Nintendo #Switch.


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