Modder releases ‘Half-Life’ mod they’ve been working on for 12 years

A Half-Life mod that has been in development for 12 years has finally been released.

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As reported by PCGamer, Half-Life: Delta was created by Yuri (aka XF-Alien) and is a single-player mod for the original Half-Life. Yuri has been working on the mod for a dozen years, having started the project in August 2009, but the modder announced today (November 1) that it’s finally available to download on ModDB.

The mod, which isn’t yet available on the Steam Workshop, features a new single-player campaign consisting of four chapters (31 gameplay maps + one title), as well as new content, and atmosphere of the new scientific complex “Delta Base”.

In addition to the new gameplay content, Yuri has also added new weapons, a new Dark Ambient soundtrack, along with a Blue Shift-style XEN with the mod.

You can check out the Half-Life: Delta trailer below:

“HL:D is my largest and oldest project,” Yuri said. “I’m glad to finish the development. It was “a bit” difficult to make 300+ models, custom texture wads, a lot [of] sounds and, of course, 32 single maps. Also, last summer I decided to return back some cut content (new NPC with her scripts). The plot was incomplete and illogical without this NPC.”

The modder mentioned that English voices will be in the Steam version only, while only English subtitles during NPC’s monologues will be available.

It seems that Yuri’s mod has been highly anticipated, as fan comments on the post share their excitement.

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