Moon Knight: Marvel Comic Artist Adi Granov Shares “Mood Piece” That Inspired Series

Long before the visual development department at Marvel Studios got its hands on any solid designs for Moon Knight, the House of Ideas went out to familiar artists to gather some inspiration pieces. One of those artists is Adi Granov, known for his epic cover paintings and work on various Iron Man comics. Wednesday, Granov shared the Moon Knight piece Marvel commissioned from him and it’s an absolute delight.

“As I mentioned before, I worked on Moon Knight back at the start of 2020,” Granov wrote on his Instagram. “I was asked to provide some mood pieces to sinpire the production. This was done at the start, before the character designs, so it’s mostly inspired by his comic book look.” In the piece, Moon Knight can be seen in an all-white costume as he battles various mythological characters, like mummies and jackals. See the piece for yourself below.

The jackals and mummies make perfect sense, because Moon Knight writer Jeremy Slater previously said Egyptology was the focus for his team from the very beginning.

“Right from the very first week, Marvel provided us with a ton of reference material on Egyptology, and on ancient Egyptian gods and deities,” He continues. “One of those pieces of material was a laminated poster that had like a little kid, cartoon drawings of all the different gods — one of those gods was Taweret. I spent that entire first week of our writers’ room, just staring at that. Then finally, at some point, I couldn’t take any more. I interrupted whatever we were talking about and I was like, ‘Guys, we have something much more important, which is, how do I get this hippo into the show?'”

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney+.


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