Moon Knight Writer Reveals What Happened to Marc Spector During the Blip

Following the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, it felt inevitable that every subsequent movie or TV show set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would have to address the Blip in some form or fashion. Thanos snapped away half of all life, only for those who were dusted to miraculously return five years later, thanks to the Avengers. It’s the biggest event in the history of the timeline and casts a pretty big shadow over the present and future of the MCU. Moon Knight, however, was a largely standalone affair and didn’t bother talking about bigger MCU events.

Just because it wasn’t on-screen, though, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a topic of conversation amongst the writers. Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater recently spoke with The Direct and was asked about Marc Spector’s whereabouts during the five-year Blip. According to Slater, Marc wasn’t dusted by the Snap.

“We definitely, in the writers room, we all collectively thought he survived the Blip, that he wasn’t blipped away,” Slater said. “Because I don’t know how you-I think if he had been blipped and come back, it would be something that you would have to address. It’s something you would have to deal with, especially as a character who is trying to find his place in the world, and has a lot of questions about his past. To not touch on the Blip of it all, felt weird. So we all kind of collectively assumed that he was part of the 50% that survived.”

Slater went on to say that Marc and his Moon Knight persona were likely very active during the Blip period. He could have had some experiences similar to Hawkeye, who was operating as a masked vigilante for a few years.

“But as to what was actually happening during that period, I mean, I think that they say in the show that Steven basically woke up about two years ago. That was the first time that they started living separate lives, and it was following the death of Marc’s mother,” Slater said. “So that’s been the last two years, and we assume the three years before that was sort of Marc, just, there was probably, in the same way, that Hawkeye had his hands full as Ronin because the criminal underworld was running rampant during the Blip time, I assume Moon Knight was keeping very busy. But it was all being sort of done in the shadows, and he was sort of taking out a lot of threats that never surfaced or saw the light of day.”


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