Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord now has a formation system and better siege AI

Medieval sandbox game Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord just got a big patch, which finally adds the reworked battle terrain system, a new order of battle system, and some sorely needed updates to sieges in the Early Access game’s main branch. It’s a wide-ranging update, however, and includes a host of fixes, tweaks, and changes for just about every element of TaleWorlds’ latest medieval romp.

The most significant changes in e1.7.0, of course, are updated battles and sieges. The patch adds 23 new scenes for battles, making the total number of maps a whopping 72 – although TaleWorlds says it’s planning on continuing to add to the map pool. The map a particular battle takes place on will be determined by the armies’ positions on the campaign map, and that’ll also be used to set spawn positions for each belligerent.

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This update also adds the new order of battle system to the main game branch. This will be extremely helpful once your army reaches a certain number of fighters: you’ll be able to organise your army into distinct formations and assign captains to each one. Using percentage sliders, you can set the composition of each formation based on troop type and other filters, too. Once you’re in a battle, you’ll see a card for each of your formations that includes information on how many troops it has, their remaining ammo, and more.