MTN DEW Makes Fan-Favorite Regional Exclusive a Permanent Nationwide Flavor

The rumors are true–every single one of them. Tuesday morning, MTN DEW officially announced MTN DEW Spark as the latest permanent flavor to its lineup. Previously a store exclusive, Spark is the first flavor to achieve such a status since the iconic soda brand rolled out MTN DEW Major Melon last winter. Beginning immediately, DEW drinkers should be able to find Spark near the rest of the DEW projects, wherever soda pop is sold.

Spark, a raspberry lemonade concoction, was first introduced two summers ago as a flavor exclusive to Speedway convenience stores. After an exceptional first outing, the flavor was brought back for a second year, and now it’s going national. Not only that, but DEW is offering the elixir in both regular and Zero Sugar flavors.

“Each time we released MTN DEW SPARK, DEW Nation’s enthusiasm was off the charts. Some people traveled significant distances just to get a taste,” DEW marketing VIP Pat O’Toole offered in a press release. “Now fans everywhere can get a taste of MTN DEW SPARK. We are pleased to bring it to shelves nationwide, and also introduce a brand new zero sugar beverage with the same bold flavor.”

Over the past few weeks, eager DEW drinkers have noticed Spark starting to show up at stores outside of Speedway, much to their delight.

“Best parting gift of 2021,” one tweeter said.

Mtn Dew Spark existing outside of the summer has to be the best parting gift of 2021

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— THEHuertaExpress ? (@THEHuertaExp) December 31, 2021

“This sh-t is fire,” another claimed. The latter comment seems to be a recurring theme across the board.

This shit is fire Spark Mountain Dew Rasberry Lemonade !

— Inked? (@Inkeduh) December 28, 2021

Like Major Melon, both Spark and Spark Zero will be offered in single 20-ounce bottles, and 12-packs of 12-ounce cans. Other bottle sizes and package availabilities will be available dependent on individual market sales, but the 20oz. and 12-packs are national.