My Hero Academia Art Imagines Shoto’s Flashfire Fist in Color

Shoto Todoroki is taking center stage in the final arc of My Hero Academia’s manga, with the hot and cold hero currently squaring off with the villain known as Dabi as All For One attempts to destroy Hero Society once and for all. With Shoto looking to not only save the world but also make up for the sins of his father, Endeavor, the current number one hero, the powerful member of Class 1-A at UA Academy has employed a new technique that one fan has brought into the glorious world of color from its black and white origins.

For those following along with the manga, the latest chapter didn’t just set the stage for the battle between Shoto Todoroki and Dabi, but it also took the opportunity to explore the past of the villainous members of the League of Villains. With Dabi formerly being Touya Todoroki, the son of Endeavor and the brother to Shoto, his accident using his Quirk under his dire training regiment saw him being “saved” by All For One. With the powerful villain looking to mold Dabi into a potential replacement for Shigaraki, should things go wrong with the heir for All For One, the son of Endeavor eventually found himself on the dark side all the same, attempting to get revenge for his father choosing Shoto as the next big hero.

Twitter Artist Vihurah shared this new take on Shoto’s ultimate technique, Flashfire Phosphor, which the son of Endeavor is using in an attempt to defeat his brother Dabi in a battle that might decide the future for Hero Society and the Todoroki family as a whole:

Flashfire Phosphor (MHA 351)

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lets gooo shotooooTodoroki mha351 MHA352 pic.twitter.com/FDJpvQfjlh

— Vihu (@Vihurah) April 29, 2022

As it stands, Shoto is apparently the only hero that Endeavor and the other professional crime fighters feel will be able to defeat his older brother, with Dabi burning away a large percentage of his own skin to unleash the full potential of his Quirk. With the blue flames exhibited from his body seemingly able to burn away anything in its path, it won’t be easy for Shoto to take down his brother. With the Todoroki family civil war just being one part of the Final Arc of My Hero Academia, creator Kohei Horikoshi is certainly looking to end things with a bang.


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