My Hero Academia Catches Up on Hatsume’s Major New Mission

My Hero Academia has been caught up in some major drama as of late, and it seems that will only become more true as 2022 moves in. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has spent years building up his superhero universe to withstand its epic finale, and the series is getting closer to that arc by the day. Of course, this means a lot of attention is being put on Class 1-A, but they are not the only heroes trying to save the world… and Hatsume is here to prove it.

This week, My Hero Academia put out a new chapter, and it was there fans were reintroduced to the Support Course prodigy. Fans watched as Izuku and Iida went search for Hatsume to request a costume upgrade. And of course, they found the girl in her class’ studio.

After finding Hatsume, fans were given a good breakdown of her latest mission. While Izuku has been out fighting baddies, Hatsume has been cooped up in her work studio helping U.A High School prepare for battle. Not only did she apparently help fortify the school with its defense system, but her teacher brought her on as a consultant on the school’s mass evacuation tech.

“I enlisted Hatsume to help improve our defenses,” the teacher shared with Izuku while Hatsume slaved over her work. “She’s busy concocting new mechanisms in case of [a] mass evacuation. Like I alluded to before, her zeal and inventive mind put her in a league of her own.”

My Hero Academia fans have seen how passionate Hatsume is about her work, and she has become even more consumed as of late. She may not be able to crush armies or fly on a whim, but Hatsume’s brains make her a force to be reckoned with. While Class 1-A fights on the frontlines, Hatsume is fighting at her desk to save the lives of millions with her tech. And now, it seems like Izuku finally gets how impressive the sharp-eyed heroine is.


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