My Hero Academia Celebrates the New Zodiac with Special Sketch

2022 marks the year of the Tiger in the Chinese Zodiac and Shonen creator Kohei Horikoshi is getting in on the action with a new sketch to ring in the new year, featuring the biggest feline crime fighters in his roster within My Hero Academia. While the Wild, Wild Pussycats might not be featured as much as the students of Class 1-A or their teachers that help them in protecting the world at large from villainous attacks, they’ve left an impression on fans and they’re clearly the best quartet to help celebrate 2022, which will see My Hero Academia’s sixth season arrive.

The WIld, Wild Pussycats are a foursome of heroes that wear their feline aesthetic proudly, with each of them holding a different Quirk that are able to work in unison. Unfortunately for the quartet, they ran afoul of the villain All For One, who was able to steal the Quirk of member Tomoko Shiretoko, aka Ragdoll. Formerly having the ability to use her Quirk, “Search”, to keep track of up to one hundred people and learn their weak points. With All For One now having this power, the Pussycats are down a serious power, but Tomoko remains a part of the team regardless of the loss of her superpower.

Kohei Horikoshi shared this new sketch for 2022, featuring the Wild, Wild Pussycats as the perfect examples of feline heroes that work well for the year of the Tiger, and are set to play a big role in the upcoming sixth season of My Hero Academia’s anime which will adapt the major war between the heroes and villains of the War Arc:


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— ???? (@horikoshiko) January 2, 2022

The latest Jump Festa event has a panel dedicated to My Hero Academia which not only gave fans a new look at the upcoming War Arc, but also took the opportunity to have the mangaka responsible for the creation of Deku and his friends revealing that he had around one year of story left before bringing the series to a close. With the current storyline titled “The Final Act,” and seeing the heroes and villains set on a collision course that will be the biggest to date, it’s certainly likely that Horikoshi has an ending already in mind for the young heroes of UA Academy.


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