My Hero Academia Cosplay Reveals All Might’s Take on Spider-Man

My Hero Academia has introduced some of the best superheroes on the scene these days, and All Might ranks high amongst those winners. After all, the Symbol of Peace brought the same kind of comfort to his people that Superman does to his own. In fact, the hero embodies a number of things that comics’ greatest heroes bring to life, and a new cosplay is now showing the world how much All Might loves Spider-Man.

As you can see below, the piece comes from Instagram courtesy of Spideywu. The fan, who does a number of Spider-Man costume mash-ups, felt it was time to give the Marvel hero an anime makeover. This time, it is All Might lending his aesthetic to the web-slinging hero, and fans are loving the seamless crossover.

The My Hero Academia cosplay takes Spider-Man’s bodysuit and colors its navy all over before laying in All Might’s accents. The suit features golden arm braces and the pro hero’s signature belt. Its eyes are even lined in yellow to pay homage to All Might, and of course, the Symbol of Peace brought his so-called rabbit ears to this design to round things out.

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This clever crossover shows just how versatile Spider-Man’s costume is, and Spideywu is a master at unlocking its potential. If you want to see more of their looks, you can find them on Instagram here. They have tons of anime-inspired Marvel crossovers, and we’re sure All Might is just the first of many coming from My Hero Academia.


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What do you make of this My Hero Academia mash-up cosplay? Do you think All Might and Spider-Man would make a formidable pair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.