My Hero Academia Drops Sobering News About Izuku’s Best Tech

My Hero Academia has dropped some pretty sobering news about the state of Izuku Midoriya’s best hero technology with the newest chapter of the series. It’s been a long and rough road for Izuku since the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War (although many fans feels like that time has passed through in a very short period), and was even worse off during his stint as a vigilante at the start of the Final Act. He’s been battered and bruised both mentally and physically, and this has done some pretty significant damage to his previous hero gear.

Unfortunately by the looks of his gear, he’s going to need a replacement or even repairs for the coming battle. Following a reunion with the Support Course fan favorite Mei Hatsume in the previous chapter, it’s unfortunately revealed that the compression bands around his arms are basically a one of a kind sort of technology from overseas. That means that fixing or creating something akin to it is pretty much impossible even for someone as skilled as Hatsume. So Izuku’s going into the final battle lacking some serious equipment.

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 339 of the series picks up right after Izuku Midoriya and Tenya Iida are reunited with Hatsume, and Izuku reveals that the state of his Mid-Gauntlets are basically ruined beyond comprehension. He asks Hatsume for her help in fixing them, but she confirms that she can’t do it. She would need to recreate them from scratch due to how much damage they’ve taken, and without the proper components she could not make them exactly. It’s then revealed that Hatsume instead crafts something near that same level of quantity.

She makes something like them but couldn’t make it exactly the same way they were before. So thankfully while Hatsume couldn’t recreate Izuku’s best technology, she was still able to help him out with something similar. Now he’s one step closer to full readiness for the all-out war between the heroes and villains that is still coming as the series continues. It’s just a matter of seeing whether or not he’ll be equipped enough for what comes next.


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