My Hero Academia Is Already Setting Up Aoyama’s Comeback

My Hero Academia spent much of the last year wading through drama, and it seems like that will continue in this new year. If you did not know, war is on the horizon for our heroes, and Class 1-A has some hurdles to handle before things kick up a notch. For instance, one of their classmates has found themselves adrift from the gang, and the manga has already set up a comeback for Izuku’s twinkling friend.

If you are caught up with the My Hero Academia manga, well – you will know why Aoyama has separated from the class. It was revealed at last that he was the traitor at UA High School, but it wasn’t done on his own. His parents also fed the information to the villains, and they did so under duress. After all, the family owed a debt to All For One, and he would most certainly kill them if they didn’t act as his spy.

Now, Aoyama and his parents have been taken into custody, and the boy has all but abandoned hope of becoming a hero. The hero sees himself as a nasty villain for betraying his friends, but Class 1-A doesn’t see Aoyama that way. In fact, the whole team wants him back on their side, and Izuku took time in chapter 339 to set up his comeback arc.

“I have faith that Aoyama will come back to us,” the hero tells everyone when Aoyama is mentioned. And for those still unsure, Shoto nailed home the tease with a note of his own.

“I think it’ll be fine because he has always had his sights set on the man he wants to be. More than any of us,” he shared.


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Now, My Hero Academia fans are curious to see how Aoyama will play into the manga moving forward. He may be in prison right now, but Class 1-A is set on him returning to his hero studies. Given the story’s past redemption arcs, it seems unlikely Aoyama will be an outcast for long, so the question remains how the hero will get himself back in good graces.

What do you think of this comeback tease? Do you believe Aoyama can rebound from his time as a traitor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.