My Hero Academia Pairs Up Mirko and Bakugo in New Sketch

If there ever two characters in My Hero Academia destined to meet, it is Bakugo Katsuki and Mirko. The former has been heading up the manga since day one under Kohei Horikoshi’s care, and his character has come a long way since coming to U.A. High School. Still, his temper is infamous, and his brash behavior is mirrored by Mirko in every way. So naturally, fans are geeking out over some new art that pairs the two together.

The piece comes from one of Horikoshi’s editorial assistants on Twitter. The user nstime23 posted the chaotic sketch for My Hero Academia fans as you can see below, and it suits the pair just fine.


[email protected]???? (@nstime23) May 5, 2022

Mirko is shown in the top right corner with her white hair cut short into a bob. With a fist pulled back, Mirko is ready to land a serious hit on any poor soul who rushes her, but that is only if they get past Bakugo. After all, the student is dressed in his pro gear as always, and he’s got one of his hands reaching out to blast opponents away.

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This team-up is an absolute dream, and My Hero Academia is letting the pair work together for real in the manga. These days, My Hero Academia is working through its final act, and Bakugo is facing down Shigaraki with his friends as they stall for Deku’s arrival. In the meantime, Bakugo is working with Mirko to trip the villain up, and fans are already loving their dynamic. So if Mirko is looking to bring on a sidekick at some point, she could not do better than Dynamight.


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What do you think of this latest Mirko tribute? Do you think the pro hero needs to recruit Bakugo as an intern ASAP? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.