My Hero Academia Theory Locks Target on All For One’s Worst Weakness

My Hero Academia is wrestling with its final act these days, so of course, everyone is trying to find where All For One is hiding a weak spot. The maniac is desperate to take down hero society, but Izuku and his allies aren’t about to let the league win so easily. Just recently, two surprising kids from UA High School just made it clear All For One won’t win without a fight, and the encounter has sparked a new theory about the villain’s downfall.

The whole thing came to light when My Hero Academia pitted Jiro and Tokoyami against All For One. The two students are definitely strong in their own right, but when it comes to Class 1-A, they aren’t the headliners we are used to. Of course, this is why no one expected them to face All For One in battle, but the so-called ‘extras’ did not let their statuses stop them.

In fact, Jiro was the one who railed against the idea of being an extra after All For One belittled them. Now, fans are thinking her standoff may have a bigger impact on the villain than we imagined. After all, Jiro’s cries managed to awaken a new aspect to All For One’s quirk, and it held the villain back in ways Star and Stripe could not.

This new theory suggests Jiro’s words as an ‘extra’ managed to reach into All For One at its core. We know that One For All contains the vestiges of those whose quirks combined with it, so the same could be true for All For One. We’ve already seen this hinted with Shigaraki and Star and Stripe. This means there are untold vestiges in All For One as the spirits are tied to quirks, and our villain has taken many of them over the decades.

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We also know One For All can interact with the outside world as a sentient quirk, and well – All For One is the power that propagated it. If Izuku’s power is conscious, then the odds are All For One is the same. Jiro’s words may have lit the spark in the villain’s vestiges to fight back, and should that movement grow, All For One will be rendered useless. The quirk is only as powerful as the quirks it has accumulated, so it is hardly a threat if none of the collected quirks are obeying commands.

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This takedown would be hugely satisfying as All For One is too obsessed with power and his quirk. If his own gift begins to work against him, that would be the ultimate middle finger to All For One. And if this theory is spot on, Jiro is the one responsible for lighting the flame of dissent.


What do you think of this latest All For One theory? Do you believe the madman will be taken out by his own quirk? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.